II European Conference of Existential Therapies and developments regarding to COVID-19

Important announcement regarding to COVID-19: It is our greatest regret to inform you that we decided to cancel II European Conference of Existential Therapies amidst the pandemic we all face now.

Our registered attendees will receive an informative email regarding to the details of cancellation and refunds in the week of 23rd of March.

Further details pertaining to 2020 AGM of FETE will be conveyed to our members in due course.

Contact Us
For any questions, please contact Katerina Zymnis at katerinazymnis@gmail.com

Organizing and Scientific Committee
Katerina Zymnis, Greece, Head of Organising Committee
Siebrecht Vanhooren, Belgium, Head of Scientific Committee
Evgenia Georganda, Greece
F. Jak Icoz, Turkey
Yali Sar Shalom, Israel

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