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Welcome to the submission section for the Second European Conference for Existential Therapy “Existence and Insecurity: Myths – Challenges – Realities”. We would like to invite you to be part of our conference experience and bring your concerns, wisdom, and hopes to Athens. By sharing our challenges we can face the reality that lies in front of us and find new courage to shape our existence. With the myths, stories, and other sources from our diverse cultures and existential subcultures, we can enrich and inspire each other in these times of existential insecurity.  

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts and experiences with the conference theme with the other participants. We suggest the following three formats: a brief paper presentation, a paper in a panel, or a workshop.

In order to give everybody who wants to share and present a change, here are some rules.

  • All abstracts must be sent in English. all presentations will be in English.
  • Each participant may submit only one contribution as a first author in the three suggested formats
  • Each participant is asked to limit the total number of submissions to no more than three, including roles as presenter, moderator, discussant.
  • Problems: If you have trouble with any part of the submission process, please contact the organising scientific committee 

Instructions for submission

Each participant may submit only one contribution as a first author in the following formats: brief paper presentation, a paper in panel, or a workshop proposal.

Brief Papers: Brief papers are 15 minute presentations. The brief paper sessions will be 90 minutes and there will be some time for discussion at the end of the session. The organizing committee will designate moderators for the brief paper sessions from among the presenters.

Panels: Panels should include three to four presentations focused on a common theme. To ensure different perspectives on a topic, panels should contain presentations from different groups. Panels will be 90 minutes with a minimum of 15 minutes for open discussion. Each panel should have a moderator (the organizer of the panel or another relevant person) and a discussant.

Workshops: Workshops will be held in  90 minutes and  need to be mainly experiential with a brief explanation of their theoretical basis.  


Submissions will be closed on the 15th February 2020. The organizing scientific committee will inform you if your submission was selected.

Contact the committee
For any questions, please contact Katerina Zymnis at

Organizing and Scientific Committee
Katerina Zymnis, Greece, Head of Organising Committee
Siebrecht Vanhooren, Belgium, Head of Scientific Committee
Evgenia Georganda, Greece
F. Jak Icoz, Turkey
Yali Sar Shalom, Israel