“Grandparenting” for individual members

In order to ensure a smooth transition to the introduction of new professional qualifications needed in order to become individual members of FETE we will follow EAP’s ‘grandparenting’ policies so that the status of current psychotherapy practitioners will be recognized. This is especially important when the qualification is one whose possession could become necessary for professional privileges to be granted.

The ‘grandparenting’ process means:

  • Recognizing practitioners who have acquired expertise through practice and not necessarily through a specific training and are known to their country, or
  • are recommended by two already existing members of FETE, or
  • the practitioner is a member of a professional body, usually a member organization of their NAO, and adheres to a code of ethics which is compatible with that of FETE, or
  • the practitioner has been in independent professional practice for a period of 10 years and which is in accordance with the provision of the NAO for that country.