Training Institutes’ Membership Application

Training institutes may apply to become members of FETE by providing the following documents (all documents must be in English):

  • Training Institute Membership Application Form
  • A full description of their training program of minimum duration of 4 years
  • A list of trainers and supervisors in their program with brief CVs
  • Code of ethics
  • Disciplinary and complaints procedure 
    ** A training program which is already an EAPTI, European Association Psychotherapy Training Institute, must provide with proof of their EAPTI status.

In order to apply as a training institute, that institute must have at least one voting (full) member in FETE as representative. All documentation must be in English. FETE reserves the right to require more documentation in case it is deemed necessary.

Application form, documents and an application fee of 70 euros have to be sent to the membership committee for consideration. Membership committee examines the application and makes a recommendation to the board of directors.

Annual membership fee for training institutes is 150 euros.

Voting rights for organizations and institutes is based on the number of members or trainees they have.

To convey your application, please contact Jak Icoz (registrar) with the application form and necessary documentation at .

Voting rights for organizations and institutes is usually based on number of members or trainees they have.